September 29, 2015

GoldSim Model Beauty Contest Winner: Moneyball!

Posted by Rick Kossik

A tradition at our User Conference is to hold a "Model Beauty Contest".  The Beauty Contest is held at the end of the Conference, and is intended to allow our users to focus on the fun side of modeling and simulation.  Beauty Contest entries typically describe a modeling application that is light-hearted (such as a game), amusing (e.g., probabilistically simulating the length of the restroom lines at a football stadium), or simply entertaining. This year's winner (as determined by a vote of attendees) was Joe Donnelly's "Moneyball" model.

September 28, 2015

GoldSim User Conference Poster Session

Posted by Rick Kossik

We just wrapped up our User Conference in downtown Seattle, and it was lots of fun.  The conference was attended by nearly 60 people from six countries.  In addition to invited papers, a panel discussion, and a day of advanced training, one of the highlights of the conference was the poster session, where attendees presented a wide variety of interesting GoldSim applications. This post provides a list of poster abstracts and presents the winners (as selected by attendees) of the best poster presentation.

September 22, 2015

Pre-Conference Training has Started!

Posted by Ryan Roper

The first wave of GoldSim users have arrived to participate in our 2-day pre-conference training course at the Washington Athletic Club in downtown Seattle. This is a prelude to our 2015 GoldSim User Conference, which will start on Thursday. The night before conference kickoff, attendees (55 in total), coming from six different countries, will enjoy a pre-conference meet-up at the Fado Irish Pub.

Advanced training on the first day of the conference will be a mix of training classes and informal discussions in which attendee participation is encouraged. The day will end with a fun social event on a privately chartered boat ride in the Puget Sound. On the last day of the conference, presentations of invited papers, poster presentations and a panel discussion will provide opportunities for attendees to network, share experiences and participate in interesting discussions.

We expect to have a really great time this week!