November 15, 2016

GoldSim 12 Preview (Part IV): The Pool Element

Posted by Rick Kossik

This is the fourth in a series of blog posts in which I briefly introduce many of the exciting new features that will appear in GoldSim 12 (the previous post can be found here). We plan to release GoldSim 12 in February 2017. Today's blog post focuses on a powerful new stock element: the Pool. A Pool is an expanded (and more powerful) version of the Reservoir element. It can do everything that a Reservoir can do, but has additional features to make it easier to manage multiple outflows (and inflows). As a result of these features, if you are modeling a system that has multiple distinct outflows, you should use a Pool rather than a Reservoir. In fact, we expect the Pool to replace the Reservoir for many types of applications (e.g., water management models).