July 2, 2020

GoldSim Contaminant Transport Module Online Course, Excerpt #1: Course Outline

Posted by Rick Kossik
As many of you may know, several years ago, we posted our free online GoldSim Course.  This Course has been tremendously popular, with almost 900 registered users (and an uncounted number of users who took the Course without registering - registration is optional). The Course, however, only covers the basic GoldSim framework, and does not discuss any of the specialized modules.  Many people have expressed interest in a Course on the Contaminant Transport (CT) Module, but we have never had the time to put one together.  Creating effective online Courses is tremendously time-consuming: the basic Course took at almost a man-year to complete.

However, one advantage of the pandemic we are living through is that it actually provides an opportunity to work on some of the things we have not had time for.  In my case, it has provided an opportunity for me to spend some time on the CT Course. This will be a long-term project (I'm hoping to finish by the end of the year).  But in order to provide some useful material for users in the meantime, I plan to post excerpts from time to time as I slowly progress through the development of the Course.  A blog is not the best venue for presenting the entire Course (even in parts), but I think it will be possible to provide a number of short excerpts that could be of value.

So far, I have developed a very detailed outline and have completed the first 3 Units (out of 15). In the first excerpt, I simply provide the outline describing how the Course will be organized.  Note, of course, that things may change slightly as the Course continues to unfold!  Hopefully, this will get you excited about what is to come.