January 26, 2015

How Big Will Melbourne Australia be in 2035?

Posted by Jason Lillywhite

Many of you may be familiar with GoldSim models that incorporate simple population growth (e.g., in order to compute water demands in the future), but may not have seen complex demographic models that fully incorporate all the details required to accurately simulate the population growth for a large urban area. One of our recently showcased models on our website does just that. It probabilistically simulates the population of the City of Melbourne, Australia for the next 20 years. I found this model to be a highly effective population simulator, and believe the approach could potentially be applied to population forecasts for a variety of models.

January 19, 2015

On the Road Again...

Posted by Rick Kossik

As we do every year, we will be attending a number of conferences this year, where we will have a booth, and in some cases be presenting papers.  If you are attending one of these conferences, we'd love to see you.  Stop by our booth, where you can meet GoldSim technical staff to ask questions, suggest new features, or just chat. The preliminary list of conferences we plan on attending are listed below:

January 8, 2015

GoldSim and Microsoft SQL Server

Posted by Nick Martin

Occasionally GoldSim users are interested in connecting model elements to databases to pull data directly into their models from a database. Recently, there has been increased interest in connecting model elements to Microsoft SQL Server databases.

January 1, 2015

Performance, Risk Assessment and Miss Atomic Bomb 1957

Posted by Rick Kossik

I recently attended the Performance and Risk Assessment Community of Practice (P&RA CoP) Annual Technical Exchange Meeting in Las Vegas. This group is part of the effort by the US Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Environmental Management to support risk-informed environmental cleanup and waste management decisions within the DOE complex.  GoldSim has been used throughout the DOE complex for many years, and it was nice to see a number of excellent GoldSim applications discussed during the meeting. As a side note, the meeting was held at a very interesting location - the National Atomic Testing Museum - which is definitely worth a visit the next time you are in Las Vegas and need a break from the Strip!