Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Graphical User Interface Examples in GoldSim

Posted by Jason Lillywhite

I've updated many of our dashboard examples to include the new embedded chart feature available in GoldSim 12.1. Many of these have been updated since my last blog post showing example dashboards. Below are screen captures showing some of these along with links to read more about them and even download the models so you can try them out yourself.

This model simulates the operation of a water treatment plant and calculates cash flow from water delivery sales to offset the cost to operate the plant, which includes the cost of chemicals, power usage, and fixed costs. Read more...

This model calculates a forecast of water demand based on current usage rates including indoor and outdoor usage then projects it over time using a population growth estimate. Read more...

This model simulates the operation of a water supply system containing many interacting components, including a treatment plant, regulation tanks, pump station, pipeline, and a sleeve valve. Read more...

This model uses GoldSim's built-in optimization function to maximize revenues generated from a hydroelectric plant. Read more...

This model simulates the management of 3 interconnected ponds that are used to supply water that is diverted from a river. The purpose is to show you ways that you can incorporate flow network solutions into your water balance models. The small charts in this dashboard are intended to give you a basic idea of how each component operates but you will need to double-click on each chart to get a more detailed view of the results. Read more...

This model simulates the cash flow of a utility that is considering purchasing a hydroelectric power plant versus a thermal power plant. Read more...

The purpose of this model is to simulate the operations of a dam using multiple operating pools. Releases are made from the reservoir as the water level rises and falls into and out of each of the 4 pools defined: Inactive, Conservation, Flood, and Spillway. Read more...

The objective of this model is to compare 4 different water supply scenarios based on the objectives of reducing costs, maximizing reliability, and improving sustainability. Read more...


Since dashboards provide an end-user interface to your model, it is important that you design them  well. A well designed dashboard should be well organized, simple to understand using visual aids, and interactive enough to help your users answer the questions they have.

Hopefully you found these dashboard examples useful. I welcome any comments or questions. If you would like more information about any of the above screen captures, please send a message to with a reference to the blog post and image description.

For more dashboard examples, go here:


  1. Very nice interfaces Jason. So much better that you can embed charts into dashboards.

    1. Thanks! I completely agree. The embedded chart makes the interface look much more interactive and responsive. I see a lot of potential here, especially since the charts are now able to update during the simulation so you can slow it down and watch it progress through time and even pause the model to make changes before the simulation completes.

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