July 11, 2018

GoldSim 12.1 is Released!

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We are excited to announce that GoldSim 12.1 is now available.

In addition to a number of other changes, GoldSim 12.1 includes the following new features:

  •  Embedded dashboard charts and tables: You can embed a result window (as either a chart or a table) directly into a Dashboard. 
  • Real-Time updating of result displays: Time History results are updated continuously (each timestep or each realization) during the simulation. 
  • Exporting time history probability statistics to a spreadsheet: Export multiple statistics from Probability History results.
  • Model inventory: Generate a simple XML file that can be viewed in a text editor, browser or XML editor that echoes out all of the elements in a GoldSim model. 
All of the new features in GoldSim 12.1 are described in detail in the GoldSim 12.1 Summary Document.

In addition to an updated Help system to describe all the new features, updated user manuals are installed with the software (in PDF format). Bound manuals can also be ordered directly from Amazon.com (and this is likely to be less expensive than printing and binding them yourself).

You can download GoldSim 12.1 directly from the GoldSim website. In order to use GoldSim 12.1, you must enter a new Activation ID. All users with current Maintenance should have received a new ID.

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