January 8, 2015

GoldSim and Microsoft SQL Server

Posted by Nick Martin

Occasionally GoldSim users are interested in connecting model elements to databases to pull data directly into their models from a database. Recently, there has been increased interest in connecting model elements to Microsoft SQL Server databases.

The GoldSim User's Guide documents the use of the Microsoft Access database with GoldSim, describes the required database formats (e.g. for all database types) for connection with GoldSim, and details how to set up ODBC data sources. However, there is no information in the User's Guide which is specific to Microsoft SQL Server.

A Knowledge Base article was recently created to explain how GoldSim model elements can be used with Microsoft SQL Server databases. This article provides full details of GoldSim and SQL Server interoperability. In brief, Data elements can pull data from a Microsoft SQL Server database which:
  1. Has a table with the GoldSim Generic Database format; and
  2. Has an ODBC (Open DataBase Connectivity) driver configured to access this table.

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