February 18, 2016

New GoldSim Licensing System Now Available

Posted by Rick Kossik

In a previous post, I noted that we will be rolling out a new licensing system.  The system has now officially been implemented. Over the next several months, we will be rolling the system out to existing users. To continue to use GoldSim, you will need to migrate your license over to the new licensing system.  The conversion process is straightforward, and should not take long (minutes in most cases).  You can read about the details of the new licensing system here.  Note that all licenses (even older licenses with expired maintenance) will need to be converted (there is no cost involved). 

The new system has a number of powerful advantages, particularly for organizations with multiple licenses and/or floating licenses.  Hence, we will be contacting these organizations over the next month to begin the conversion process. For everyone else, you do not need to change over immediately.  Instead, whenever a license expires or needs to be renewed, we will convert it over to the new system.  Having said that, regardless of how straightforward the conversion is, it always has the potential to disrupt some users, so executing it on your schedule (rather than waiting for your license to expire) is recommended. Hence, if you would like to convert over immediately (and not wait until your license needs to be renewed), you can switch over to the new system now by contacting us. 

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