August 21, 2017

Training Workshop in Phoenix, AZ

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GoldSim Technology Group provided on-site training for the Arizona Department of Water Resources in Phoenix, Arizona last week. This training covered the basics of GoldSim software along with another full day of application specific training, discussing real-world examples and modeling tips to help the attendees start work on their projects immediately.

The class was well attended and everyone enjoyed learning the software. I could tell everyone was thinking about all the ways they could use GoldSim to help answer their challenging questions.

If you are interested in learning more about what is involved in a typical training course, please contact us at We offer training options for both beginning and experienced GoldSim users. Training options include:
Typically, rather than teaching basic GoldSim skills, the on-site training is intended to assist you with either a specific modeling application, or with learning one of the GoldSim extension modules (e.g., the CT Module or the RL Module). If your goal is to simply learn the basics of GoldSim, the online course (discussed above) is the best option (it is free, and covers the material in more detail than can be done in person).

This training done in Phoenix was focused on water resources but we are able to tailor the content for your specific needs.

Note: Attendees are expected to bring their own laptop computers to all training workshops. We provide temporary GoldSim licenses, but do not provide computers.


The cost for on-site training varies depending on the location (and hence travel time and expense) and duration. Please contact us for a quote.
Note: When you first purchase GoldSim, you have an opportunity to purchase a Quick Start Package. The Quick Start Package provides training at a discounted rate.

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