February 27, 2023

GoldSim 14.0 Revision 2 Has Been Released

Posted by Jason Lillywhite

This update includes a number of corrections, reliability improvements and general user-interface enhancements. All users are strongly advised to always use the latest Revision available. Anyone currently with access to GoldSim 14 has access to this Revision.

New Features
While most of the changes to a Revision like this are transparent to the user, one will be noticeable. Starting with this version, the context-sensitive GoldSim Help system is web-based (rather than being installed with the software). This allows it to more readily be kept up-to-date (and the Help interface is also greatly improved).

Another important change was implemented, but it will not be immediately noticeable. In particular, starting with this Revision, GoldSim will easily allow you to check for updates via a menu option, and will even optionally automatically periodically check for such updates in a non-intrusive manner by putting a small note in the splash screen.

The process of updating to this Revision will take only a few minutes. You can download this update here. You can also view the Release Notes to see a description of the changes there.
You will also find a direct link to our online courses from the Help menu.

Minor Bug Fixes

We are always improving GoldSim and whenever a bug is found, we make it our top priority to fix them as time permits. This update includes some minor bug fixes that we caught (or our customers caught) since the last update. These don't need special mention but if you are curious, you can always read about them in our Release Notes.

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