July 31, 2023

In-Person GoldSim Training - September 13, 2023

Posted by Jason Lillywhite

I will be teaching a 1-day hands-on GoldSim training course at the upcoming Arizona Hydrological Society's Annual Symposium on September 13 in Flagstaff Arizona. Visit their conference website for more information: GoldSim Workshop – 2023 AHS Symposium. We hope to see you there!

This hands-on training session is designed for engineers and scientists involved in dynamic modeling and decision support for water resources applications. The focus will be on dynamic simulation and modeling techniques for incorporating uncertainty and evaluating system performance with multiple objectives. We will use GoldSim software during the class to facilitate learning the concepts. Through hands-on examples, you will practice building your own water management model with a custom user interface, data input, model functions, and result processing for evaluating climate uncertainty and its impact on water quality and quantity of a typical water system. In addition, you will be introduced to scenario analysis, optimization, and results post-processing.

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