July 31, 2015

Examples of Dashboards

Posted by Jason Lillywhite

2018 Update: We have posted newer examples of dashboards using a newer version of GoldSim, here.

Do you want to add a dashboard to your GoldSim model but need some ideas on how to design it? Are you looking for ways to improve its functionality and ease of use? If so, maybe some of the examples shown below will give you some useful ideas. In this blog post, I have included screen captures of some models that highlight various approaches to building effective dashboards.

Basic Drawing Tools

Use basic drawing tools to separate and organize different parts of your dashboard.

You can also organize your dashboard using shading, colors, and fonts.
Image source: Geografia

We described how to create the next two dashboards in a previous blog post, here.
Image source: Sandia National Laboratories (xLPR Project)

Image source: Sandia National Laboratories (xLPR Project)

Schematic Flow Diagrams

Use drawing tools to create a schematic flow diagram of the system that is being modeled. Add dashboard controls like input edit boxes and buttons to let the user interact with the diagram.
Image source: CH2M HILL

Input and Output "Grids"

Not only can you create a tabular view of input and output information on a dashboard, but you can also include dynamic controls within the grid to create a dynamic model summary.
Image source: John Tauxe (Neptune and Company)

Image source: CH2M HILL


Use GoldSim's built-in drawing tools to create detailed views of system components and overlay them with dashboard controls.

Navigation Buttons and Menus

Another very useful approach is to create navigation controls in your dashboards. This can be done simply with a list of buttons or buttons in combination with graphical objects to appear like tabs.

Image source: Sandia National Laboratories

Maps as Backgrounds

Maps are often a good choice for models that represent a system covering a large geographical area. You can integrate a map within a portion of your dashboard or use it as a background. 

Image source: CH2M HILL


Since dashboards provide an end-user interface to your model, it is important that you design them  well. A well designed dashboard should be well organized, simple to understand using visual aids, and interactive enough to help your users answer the questions they have.

Hopefully you found these dashboard examples useful. I welcome any comments or questions. If you would like more information about any of the above screen captures, please send a message to support@goldsim.com with a reference to the blog post and image description.

For more dashboard examples, go here: http://www.goldsim.com/Library/ModelLibrary/FeaturesCapabilities/Dashboards/

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