September 19, 2016

GoldSim Workshop at AHS Symposium in Tucson

Posted by Jason Lillywhite

GoldSim Technology Group collaborated with the Arizona Hydrological Society last week to provide a 1-day software training workshop as part of their annual conference. The workshop was well attended by folks from various organizations and companies in the area. Following the workshop, I was able to meet new people and learn more about the current water resources issues in the Southwest.
Read about the symposium here.

The workshop was divided into 2 sections:

The attendees were very enthusiastic and came away from the class with a lot of ideas of how they could apply GoldSim to their specific projects and applications ranging from mine water balance studies to municipal water reuse for a ski resort.

The presentations given at this symposium covered many important topics such as how to deal with water shortages, planning under uncertainty, innovative technology, and adaptive watershed management. Lunch on Thursday was accompanied by a very interesting talk given by John Fleck, the author of "Water's for Fighting Over... and other Myths about Water in the West." One thing I learned from this is that it really wasn't Mark Twain that said, "Whiskey is for drinking and water is for fighting over." But we are still unsure who actually said it.

The GoldSim booth poster has been updated to showcase the new user interface, which is tentatively planned to be released late this year. Below is a picture taken of me with Deanna, one of the workshop attendees that used to work for Arizona DWR and brings a lot of modeling experience to Central Arizona Project (CAP), where she currently works.
Deanna Ikeya with CAP and I at the GoldSim exhibit

I also found some opportunities to explore the Sanoran desert a little in the late evening and early mornings. That bright circle is actually the moon, not the sun. It is beautiful country!

Sunset in the Sonoran Desert

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