February 16, 2017

GoldSim 12 Has Been Released!

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GoldSim 12 has been under development for over two years and we are very excited about this new version.  There are many new features and modifications in GoldSim 12.  However, the most noticeable thing is the totally updated graphics engine and user interface. Although changes like these don't actually affect how GoldSim carries out simulations, they have a significant effect on how your models look. Being able to explain a model to others is critical, and a clean-looking model with nice graphics simply is much more effective and easy to communicate.  Frankly, it is also much more enjoyable to work with a tool that has nice graphics and a clean and powerful user interface. All of the new features are described in detail in the GoldSim 12 Summary Document.

The primary new features were also discussed in a series of four short blog articles over the last several months. This provides a quick way to see what is in GoldSim 12:

In addition to an updated Help system to describe all the new features, updated user manuals are installed with the software (in PDF format). Bound manuals can also be ordered directly from Amazon.com (and this is likely to be less expensive than printing and binding them yourself). The new versions should be available on Amazon no later than the end of the month.
You can download GoldSim 12 directly from the the GoldSim website. In order to use GoldSim 12, you must enter a new Activation ID.  All users with current Maintenance&should have received a new ID (if you did not, check with your License Administrator).

New Lease Option

In conjunction with the release of GoldSim 12, we are making available a new option to lease GoldSim on an annual basis (rather than purchase a permanent license). This provides a way to reduce your upfront costs when using GoldSim.  In addition, for those users who have long-expired Maintenance, this provides a cost-effective option for accessing GoldSim 12. You can read about this new option here.

Free Online Course Coming Soon

To complement the new release, we are currently in the process of replicating the GoldSim training course that we provide in person into an online format. We have been working on this for over a year (it’s a lot of work to put together an effective online course!) and plan to complete it in the second quarter of 2017. The course includes many exercises and examples, and will be linked throughout to a web-based version of the Help system, so you can immediately dive into detailed reference documentation to explore any topic in more detail. The Online GoldSim course will be free. If you want to be contacted when the Course is available, contact us.

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